A sustainable leader is a creative facilitator.

Allow me to lead as WE create!

Workshop learning and development is done together with others in your organization. I teach you how to create your own workshops!

Stories is a way to have deeper conversations about visions, issues and goals. Story swapping is also fun!

Photographs capture nuances. Learn to "converse" through pictures.

Lead by creating possiblities for expansion with the basic art of poetic imagination.

Mapping where leadership goals are needed.

How to make Space for contemplation, teamwork development and rest.

The "greening" of leadership is based upon ecological cycle principles. We all are parts of a whole.

Identify your own seeds of inspiration.

Learn new ways to move from visions through methods to results.

Fearlessness is the basis of creative power!

Collect complex issues into a visual recording.

Awareness takes courage.

The workshop: Story Laboratory. Sharing stories in a structured way as a path to action and improved relationships.

Experience well-being in nature; and everywhere.

Transform Leadership Through Creativity



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