Sustainability and Culture

Our interdependency - has always been and always will be
Our Sustainable Selves
The Oxygen Mask

Heart felt care. How can we expect to take care of others without first taking care of ourselves?
I offer consultations and referrals to creative ways for self care.
Also, I create workshops and activities streamlined for you/ your Group, organisation or Family; which will contribute to self awareness and common shared values.
Our Sustainable Community
Family, Friends, Community

Facilitation is parallell to work as a midwife. how can we develop ourselves as we develop the communities we care about? We move in and out from our daily private,homeplace to and from our public homeplace.

I offer consultations and process sessions which can help you be a mid wife, or work as a mid wife; honing your articulation skills, listening skills and ways of making connections for sharing.
Our Sustainable Earth

Our Spot on Earth

A beautiful children's book; STAR BABY by Franck Asch, illustrates in a simple story, how we belong to the entire universe. I like to tell this story for People of all ages.
Each one of us who cares, will find our particular way of sharing awareness of our grand Mother Earth.

I can offer awareness workshops and activities, meditation walks and trips to the forest or in parks; your own back yard, to strengthen the awareness of our interdependency with all Things on this Earth; particularly on the spot we reside upon.

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