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Your comments are important to me. Tell me about your interests in writing, photography or storytelling and if there is any project you want to get going.
Skrevet av Zsuzsa, 6. sep, 2019
Dear Susan! This is very-very beautiful. I'll study. Thank you. Zsuzsa

Skrevet av Jose Luis Sabater, 15. des, 2014
Dear Susan,

We’re glad to announce to you Globoedu as content providers platform for interactive and educational video conferencing. You can look for us at

Rukhsana Khan, Max Tell, Oni Lasana and much more to come...

We invite you to join us as a content provider to promote your work telling stories or to play a mime, puppets, clown, magic, painting, pottery or to play music or to teach classes-workshops around the world. Our target is people of all ages then you can give educational presentations for a group of students or for institutions via videoconferencing from your own studio. The lenght of a single program is 45-60 minutes but you can also plan a course made of several sessions. Most of our clients are schools and colleges in the United States and Canada, but also in other countries.

There is no charge to content providers to post their bios and program listings to the Globoedu website.

We use to connect via videoconferencing skype, hangouts or our video conference service recommended for any device, browser or SIP/H.323 systems. We offer to our content providers and customers two(2) free sessions using our video conference service without cost. After the two (2) successful sessions if you wish you can subscribe to our video conference service at the best price.

You set your own program fees, earnings are paid monthly and you receive them by paypal or by a bank. We discount a differential whenever you conduct paid programs.

Globoedu receives a 20% fee if your program is offered.

Globoedu takes care of training, marketing, scheduling and payments. We recommend you a broadband speed upload faster than 0,5 Mbps and a High Definition Webcam Please let us know if you need further information about us. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jose Luis Sabater
Globoedu Coordinator