the sensibilities of seeing

photography for pleasure, art and peace

I have discovered photography; taking pictures, as a way of meditation.

if i am restless, or need an break from sitting and writing, i can decide to take pictures. it is amazing how many different aspects of the  same item or wall or garden i can discover for each time i bring out the camera. I focus on what is in front of me, my lens and forget everything else.

i am not technical but I care about what i look at and how it will appear after i take the shot.

I also just take family, pet and nauture pictures and as a hobby to relax.

i want my photographs to have artistic qualities and to express my sensitivity to my surroundings and to people.

to look through my own photo albums is one of my favorite things to do.

colors, forms, even a reminder of sounds and scents.

i am learning about lighting and composition and this gives me great joy.

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