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Short stories.


2016:  “Holiday” and "My Woman and her Bird"  in “Entre Malinche y Guadalupe: anthology of Tejana artists”, ed. Cantu and Avila Hernandez; Austin, University of Texas Press.   ”Holiday” (Norwegian translation “Høytid”) in  anthology “Ord i Bevegelse”, (Words in Movement” my translation )  ed. Kapoor and Salimi, J.W. Cappelens Forlag a.s.; Oslo, Norway

2008  Mangfoldig minner: intervju   ( Diverse memory: interview)


2001     “In the End (Al fin) We are All Chicanas (Somos Todos Chicans) : pivotal  positions for change.”Prose and poetry as fictional textual collage in anthology “This Bridge We Call Home”, ed. Anzaldua and Keating, RoutledgeNew YorkNew York

199 9 “Holiday” (norwegian translation “Høytid” )  in “Ordet er Ditt” (The Word is Yours! my translation ), textbook of norwegian literary studies, ed. Allern and Skjelten; J.W.Cappelens Forlag a.s.; Oslo, Norway 




2005Soledad”, “Promise Not to Tell”, “Let Me Know Gently” dikt; red. Kumar; Taj Mahal Review;vol. 4, number 1; Cyberwit Publishers, India.


2001 “Biorgaphies of Sorrow”, poetry collection chapbook project, Aim Chapbooks, Oslo, Norway

2001 “Presevations. Close Borders” La Ventana, December issue, magazine for latino culture and arts, University of Oslo; Oslo, Norway 


2001 “Språk knuter” (“language knots”) Public Art publication by The City of Oslo Transit Authority/ Oslo Sporveier.(posters on mass transportation vehicles and subway stations)

  Articles/ book review/ other:


2005 ”Nys på egen risiko men takk for sist! i Typisk Norsk å være uhøflig? red. Aambo, Kulturbro forlag.  / "sneeze at your own risk but thanks for the last time!" in anthology; Is it typical Norwegian to be impolite?

1997-99 series av articles for La Voz, cultural - politcal magazine published in San Antonio,Texas

”The Latina Experience: the intersection of issues” ; dec’97- jan 98 edition

“Reflections: Women keep marching y March 8th ; march 1998

“Cultural Wars and the Individual Artist” november 1998

“Amor Grande, Amor Silencio” ; february  1999

“Art for Life’s Sake” ; may 1998

 “A Time to Recognize Esperanza” ; november 1997

“Reclaiming the Homeland” ; may 2003


1998, San Antonio Express and News “No GI Jane

book review


1998     Carver Cultural Center, San Antonio , Texas

Manual for Music and peformance series


Also diverse articles within cultural, social-political issues. 


seeds - the beginning; growth; something new

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